Memorial Day Outlet Mall

Hey everyone!

This past weekend was Memorial Day. On holiday weekends, our outlet malls usually have great sales. I visited an outlet mall with my mom and we found some great deals at Sunglasses Hut, JCrew, Banana Republic, Coach, and the Gap. I thought I might do a little haul on the blog of the best two deals/finds.

First off, we visited Sunglasses Hut hoping to find me a pair of Ray Bans for cheaper. This summer I need new sunglasses for the big trip we are going on. (Read my last blog post if you want to find out more). I found the perfect sunglasses. They were down to only $50 as opposed to $175 dollars! Yay! I’ve used them a lot all ready from the pool to biking.

Secondly, at Coach, they were having 50% off the whole store plus another 15% off! How crazy! The wristlets that I got was orginally 80 dollars and was lowered to 30. I was very excited.

Thanks for reading!


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