Julia’s Jumble #5

Personally, I love staying busy. Over the past few weeks, I have attended many exciting events and began new adventures. This is why I am back with another Julia’s Jumble post. If you would like to read my other Julia’s Jumble entries, you can click the following links to read: Julia’s Jumble #1, Julia’s Jumble #2, Julia’s Jumble #3, Julia’s Jumble #4. Thank you for reading today’s post and follow me on Instagram @sunshinestatejulia for outfit posts, my daily life, and to stay updated.


Over the past four months, I have been playing Varsity Volleyball for my high school team. This year our school made it all the way to the State Finals for the first time in 23 years. In order to do this, we had to play our biggest rival who had beaten us twice before in the season at their gym. We came out and CRUSHED it; it was our best game of the season. Last year, we made it to the regional finals and this year our team worked very hard to make it to the STATE finals! We ended up winning the state finals for the first time in my school’s history!!!! We were so emotional afterwards, oh my goodness. We had practice every single day after school with conditioning three-four times a week. I’m extremely proud of how well that we have done this year and will miss all of the seniors. It was also super exciting because we had two separate articles written about our team with photos in the newspapers. The photos below don’t even do this moment justice. The more I think about winning the state final, the more I realize how hard I’ve worked at volleyball over the past five years and how much I have grown to love this sport. I won’t get into the whole “this sport is my life” spiel, maybe for another blogpost.

2018-11-17 - DSC03277.jpg

2018-11-17 - SPS VBall_Nov17304.jpg

2018-11-17 - SPS VBall_Nov17135-1.jpg


Thanksgiving / Black Friday:

Thanksgiving at my family’s house is always insane. First off, my house is where Thanksgiving dinner is served. The week prior to Thanksgiving, eight members of my family stay with us for a week, four of them being eight year old boys. Needless to say, things get quite crazy (in a fun way). For the actual Thanksgiving dinner, my family had around 25 people at my house and it mostly consisted of Nerf Gun battles, throwing footballs/watching football, and eating. The photo below is of some of my cousins and sister. They’re just too cute!

The following morning, I went Black Friday shopping with my two friends Maggie and Logan for six hours. Yes, six hours. It was exhausting. We’ve continued this tradition of black Friday shopping for five years now and it’s always so much fun. Neither of us are avid “mall-shoppers”, so this is the one time where we shop till we drop.


Sweet Sixteen’s:

I am currently in my sophomore year of high school, meaning everyone is turning 16. Some of the kids in my grade throw sweet sixteen parties and they have been so much fun! Below I’ve attached some pictures from some of the ones over the past month. I’m positive they’ll be a few more throughout this year and I can’t wait! Wishing all my friends the happiest of birthdays ❤



Fall Festivities:

My friends and I love to go to brunch together, so we did that quite a few times this fall season. Unfortunately, Florida decided not to participate in the cool fall weather and decided to stay at 92 degrees. We were lucky if it dropped to 80 degrees! The one fall activity we were able to do was carve pumpkins. I’m excited for the holiday season to start up. Queue the Christmas music!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset



That’s all for today’s blogpost! Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and write new posts. As always, make sure to follow me on instagram @sunshinestatejulia for daily inspiration. Happy Holiday Season!!!


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